[mythtv] 'record weekly' bug?

Teemu Sillanpää teemu.sillanpaa at lut.fi
Sat Jan 7 21:06:44 UTC 2006

>A week equals 168 hours. There should be at least 168 hours between  
>shows when recording one showing a week. Following your logic, you  
>might record a show on Wednesday (original air date) and then again  
>on the following Monday. Now it's got a repeat and I miss the next  
>showing I wanted which comes up on Wednesday again. Oh.. and my weeks  
>end on Saturday, so we'd have a conflict there, too.

Well, it depends of the operator. Is some operator using hour basis week
change..? Programs are sent weekly by date, and the time can usually
change few hours (example aired in advance becouse of president
elections extra programs). Week is 7 days, and if there's no show from
the last week (6 days) let's record one coming today.

Or do we need an extra option "record weekly by daily basis" and "record
weekly by hourly basis". If operator is sending last weeks episode just
before this weeks timeslot, my "daily basis" won't work. But I would say
this is very rear situation, atleast in here Finland.

Sorry bout my english... =)


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