[mythtv] Broken AV sync after mythtranscode

Cory Papenfuss papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu
Fri Jan 6 15:46:10 UTC 2006

>> Transcoding without cutting off the commercials even reduces the size
>> of the files by 10-20% and takes only 1-2 minutes for an 1h show (on
>> my AMD64-3000+).
> This is probably because you are converting TS streams (DVB/ATSC) into
> PS streams (DVD format).  Most PVR*50 users probably record in PS to
> start with, so they aren't likely to get this gain.
 	I don't know exactly how you are parsing the MPEG streams, but 
I've noticed that the PVR*50s tend to have padding streams in them as 
well.  It's 0xbe, I think.  Anyway, I've noticed that some other programs 
(like avidemux for instance) can often waste significant amounts of space 
with these padding streams.  If you throw those out it might account for 
some of that space.... 5-10% isn't unusual from my experience.



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