[mythtv] Broken AV sync after mythtranscode

Geoffrey Hausheer mythtv0368 at phracturedblue.com
Fri Jan 6 15:32:20 UTC 2006

On 1/6/06, Adam Egger
> Yeah, great. I get no deadlocks anymore. I've transcoded lots of
> recordings and it saved approx 20GB of disk space :-D It's a killer
> feature, Geoff, thanks again!!
Great.  Glad it is working now.

> Geoff, there was a progress counter commit a few days ago? Did it
> activate the --show-progress option?
Yes (though the format is different, as it is based off file size
rather than frame count).  It'll spit out a progress line every 5

> I still have some recorded shows with a *really* bad signal. I'll try
> to transcode those shows too, but I don't believe mythtranscode can
> deal with that bad streams (missing picture and sound for seconds).
I'd be interested in how things go.  I think even really bad streams
should process for the most part.  There are conditions which wouldn't
work (specifically if we got more than 200 video frames without ever
seeing an audio packet, or if the audio and video streams themselves
have different timestamps. But other than that, I think we should be
able to handle most streams, and if not, I'd like to try to fix it.

> Transcoding without cutting off the commercials even reduces the size
> of the files by 10-20% and takes only 1-2 minutes for an 1h show (on
> my AMD64-3000+).
This is probably because you are converting TS streams (DVB/ATSC) into
PS streams (DVD format).  Most PVR*50 users probably record in PS to
start with, so they aren't likely to get this gain.


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