[mythtv] Broken AV sync after mythtranscode

Adam Egger mythtv2005 at bdam.de
Fri Jan 6 16:54:35 UTC 2006

On 1/6/06, Geoffrey Hausheer <mythtv0368 at phracturedblue.com> wrote:

> > I still have some recorded shows with a *really* bad signal. I'll try
> > to transcode those shows too, but I don't believe mythtranscode can
> > deal with that bad streams (missing picture and sound for seconds).
> I'd be interested in how things go.  I think even really bad streams
> should process for the most part.  There are conditions which wouldn't
> work (specifically if we got more than 200 video frames without ever
> seeing an audio packet, or if the audio and video streams themselves
> have different timestamps. But other than that, I think we should be
> able to handle most streams, and if not, I'd like to try to fix it.

Heh, ok, just for you ;) I've tried to transcode a rather bad file, it
only fails when -l is used. Used revision:
:2006-01-06 17:54:23.335 mythfrontend version: 8513M, 0.19.20051208-1

mythtranscode -c 1065 -s 2005-12-22T23:45:00 -l -v all  > /tmp/transcode.log

2006-01-06 17:32:23.026   Stream #0.2[0x194]: Data: 0x0000
2006-01-06 17:32:23.027 Skipping unsupported codec 2 on stream 2
2006-01-06 17:32:23.030 #0 PTS:23:05:11.199 Delta: 0.0ms queue: 22
2006-01-06 17:32:23.032 #1 PTS:23:05:11.181 Delta: 17.8111ms queue: 2
2006-01-06 17:32:23.190 Deadlock detected.  One buffer is full when
                the other is empty!  Aborting

Log -v all is attached.

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