[mythtv] What distros do myth developers build on?

Buzz buzz at oska.com
Thu Jan 5 13:48:26 UTC 2006

Well, I guess the question then is.... What are the most popular development
distro/s for myth?

I run FC4....What do you develop on? ... spam me personally with this one
(off-list), and I'll summarise to list in 24 hrs or so. mailto:buzz at oska.com

Please note, this is NOT a flame-war of "my distro's better than your's for
developing on"...  I really don't care enough, I'm just after it for a list
of potential distro targets to start with.

I'm guessing Fedora is likely to be popular (as a result of Jarod's Fedora
Mythology HOWTO ) others?


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> Buzz wrote:
> > That's precisely the reason I wanted it:   
> > 
> > I have 2 backends, 2 frontends, and a laptop.  I run with SVN head 
> > everywhere, and it was becoming a PITA to keep the installs all
> > synchronised.   Now I can just run once on each of them: rpm -Uhv
> > /myth/rpms/*.rpm   (/myth being an NFS share)
> I like the idea of this too. Especially if the SPEC can be 
> generic enough to work on several distros (e.g. FC4, Mandriva 
> etc.) There are nice tricks that can be achieved with the 
> mkrel macro that most distros support now as a kinda 
> standard. (that macro is responsible for putting in the 
> -2mdk/-2fc4 etc. suffixes).
> Unfortunately I run my backend on i686, my frontend on Via C3 
> (i586-ish) and my laptop is x86_64 so I need three builds 
> whichever way you look at it :)
> Still like it tho'
> Col
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