[mythtv] Re: Anyone got a moment to put a couple of trivial patches

Colin Guthrie mythtv at colin.guthr.ie
Thu Jan 5 13:38:44 UTC 2006

Buzz wrote:
> That's precisely the reason I wanted it:   
> I have 2 backends, 2 frontends, and a laptop.  I run with SVN head
> everywhere, and it was becoming a PITA to keep the installs all
> synchronised.   Now I can just run once on each of them: rpm -Uhv
> /myth/rpms/*.rpm   (/myth being an NFS share)

I like the idea of this too. Especially if the SPEC can be generic 
enough to work on several distros (e.g. FC4, Mandriva etc.) There are 
nice tricks that can be achieved with the mkrel macro that most distros 
support now as a kinda standard. (that macro is responsible for putting 
in the -2mdk/-2fc4 etc. suffixes).

Unfortunately I run my backend on i686, my frontend on Via C3 (i586-ish) 
and my laptop is x86_64 so I need three builds whichever way you look at 
it :)

Still like it tho'



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