[mythtv] Simplifying the instalation? (everyone wants that!) - ideas for thought

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Sep 16 04:30:45 UTC 2005

Buzz wrote:

>What about having "recommended" or "common" configurations? 
>1) single PC - everything installed,run and stored locally.
>2) single backend system  - backend+tuners+lirc+database+web+filesystem all
>on one host.  "basic" frontend on other host/s (as many as desired, often
>just one) running GUI/mythfrontend+plugins only.
LIRC won't do any good on a backend.  LIRC is for controlling the 
frontend (i.e. for controlling the playback of recordings/execution of 
plugins).  The user doesn't interact with the backend--instead he/she 
interacts with a frontend ("the" frontend (mythfrontend) or MythWeb or 
something), which interacts with the backend.

>3) minor deviations from (2) eg: lirc on frontend,
Already covered that one...  ;)

> (extra) tuner/s in frontend, 
That would make the frontend into a combined frontend/backend (since 
backends have the capture cards).

>What other common instalations are out there....?  
The way I see it, there are only three:

Backend only (capture cards, "no" display)
Frontend only (display, no capture cards)
Combined Frontend/Backend (display and capture cards)

You can have as many of the above three as you like.  In addition, you 
need a database on the network somewhere and one or more filesystems 
(either local or on the network).  To run MythWeb, you need a web server.

>What about a Wizard configuration tool?... (for common configurations)
That sounds a lot like the KnoppMyth installer to me... ( 
http://www.mysettopbox.tv/knoppmyth.html )


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>W.Kenworthy wrote:
>>Are there any docs that describe the split between mythfrontend and 
>>mythbackend?  Where are the files stored, which has the tv cards, which 
>>has the database (backend) and so on.  This seems to be missing from 
>>the website docs.
>The backend has capture cards.  The frontend plays back recordings and
>executes the plugins (MythVideo, MythMusic, MythGame, MythWeather,
>MythGallery, MythNews, MythBrowser, etc.).
>Files can be stored on any network-accessible filesystem.  Database can be
>on any network-accessible host.  In other words, the filesystem and database
>are not "a part" of Myth.  The same holds true for Apache--if using MythWeb,
>it can be hosted on any web server with network access to the database and
>the backend.
>All of these can be on the same physical machine or can be spread out across
>as many different machines as you have to spare...  In other words, there's
>no requirement for a particular configuration (which is why it's not really
>documented--too many variations possible).

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