[mythtv] Simplifying the instalation? (everyone wants that!)- ideas for thought

Buzz buzz at oska.com
Fri Sep 16 05:16:34 UTC 2005

> LIRC won't do any good on a backend.  LIRC is for controlling the frontend
(i.e. for controlling 
> the playback of recordings/execution of plugins).  The user doesn't
interact with the backend--
> instead he/she interacts with a frontend ("the" frontend (mythfrontend) or
MythWeb or something), > which interacts with the backend.

LIRC won't do any good on a backend?   Um... What about all those LIRC
controlled IR transmitters that send signals to the cable/satellite boxes
plugged into the backend ?     Aren't they controlled through lircd(backend)
talking to/from other lircd's(frontend/s) though the network?  

> > What about a Wizard configuration tool?... (for common configurations)
> That sounds a lot like the KnoppMyth installer to me... (

Isn't KnoppMyth a "full distribution" though?  I thought there'd be a bunch
of people out there who don't want the distribution, but DO want a simpler
way to get it to work?    ...

Perhaps some of Knoppmyth scripts might do much of this already and could be
tweaked for other non-knoppix situations but .....You know, a tool/script
that ensures you meet the hardware/software requirements for the features
that you desire, AND tests them.....  I'd envisage a piece of code looking
something like:

If ( user requested mater database ) then { make sure database is running,
can connect, schema is up to date, is there channel data,  etc }
If ( user requested backend ) then { can we find a tuner, can we tune it,
can we receive feed from it,  can we integrate it ? , are permissions right,
will backend start, any common error messages it gives?  etc }
If ( user requested frontend ) then { is there a video-out? Can we connect
an X-server to it?  Can we configure the X server?, is the database
connection created, can we connect to it, are permissions right, will
frontend start? etc }
If ( we store recordings locally ) then { ask user where? Is it XFS/VFS/??
Will we be sharing via NFS?  Setup NFS for the user? }
If ( want to use a remote control ) then {  is lirc installed, is it
running, do we get data from it, is it irw data we can understand? ,  take
user through lirc config/test loop , integrate into front/back end and test
irxevent/irexec/etc }
...etc... For every possible fault/test case we can think of. ...etc ....


I think the important part of the tool/utility is where is fully TESTS the
relevant configuration/s, and reports back to the user "successfully
detected/configured component XXXXXXX, press NEXT to continue.."

Further comments? 


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