[mythtv] Simplifying the instalation? (everyone wants that!) - ideas for thought

Buzz buzz at oska.com
Fri Sep 16 03:50:12 UTC 2005

What about having "recommended" or "common" configurations? 

1) single PC - everything installed,run and stored locally.

2) single backend system  - backend+tuners+lirc+database+web+filesystem all
on one host.  "basic" frontend on other host/s (as many as desired, often
just one) running GUI/mythfrontend+plugins only.

3) minor deviations from (2) eg: lirc on frontend, (extra) tuner/s in

What other common instalations are out there....?  

What about a Wizard configuration tool?... (for common configurations)

Hello, and welcome to the Myth Configuration Wizard! 
Before we continue, please be advised that all these settings can be
adjusted later via one of the utilities 'mythtv-setup' or 'mythfrontend's
Setup Menu. (or just run this wizard again!)
Please press 'Next' to continue. 
What type of configuration will you be using on this PC?
1) single PC does everything (backend and frontend)
2) primary backend system does the hard work and storage. (contains the
tuner/s and storage space, etc)
3) basic frontend system (requires a backend to connect to, no tuners
installed, maybe infrared-remote)
4) custom/other (eg: secondary backend for tuners, or commercial flagging
CPU, or database, or frontend with tuner/s, etc).
Please press 'Next' to continue. 
What additional options will be in this PC? (selected based on previous
(If unsure, please leave options as-is)
[x] infra-red reciever for remote
[x] infra-red transmitter for controlling a sat/cable/etc box
[x] run commercial flagging jobs if required/when idle?
[ ] ...etc...
[x] run the database for this instalation (one database shared for all
backends and frontends)?
[x] main recordings/video storage space
[x] tuner/s (analog/capture or Digital/DVB) - how many? [1] (enter number,
default 1)Please press 'Next' to continue. 
What type/s of tuner do you have (you may select more than one if you have
them installed)?
[x] digital/DVB  - sattelite (S) or antenna(T) in
[x] analog (S-VIDEO or RCA/composite in)
[x] other (are there others?)
Please press 'Next' to continue. 

AND after the user answers the question/s the system builds a set of
pre-configuration parameters that would typically meet that scenario, and
these are somehow passed into mythtv-setup, or into the database, or
frontend or something.   


Obviously, it'll have to PROBE for as much information as possible when
running, so the user doesn't have to know most things, like IP address, etc.
It could even ask to do a "scan" for other hosts in the /24 network and see
if they have backend/frontend/mysql ports open, and try connecting to them?

I know this sounds complicated, but if people like this idea, I'll write it.
Infact, I've written something similar to this before (for V2 of
http://netreg.sf.net which I wrote 90% of), so I'm sure I can do something


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W.Kenworthy wrote:

>Are there any docs that describe the split between mythfrontend and 
>mythbackend?  Where are the files stored, which has the tv cards, which 
>has the database (backend) and so on.  This seems to be missing from 
>the website docs.
The backend has capture cards.  The frontend plays back recordings and
executes the plugins (MythVideo, MythMusic, MythGame, MythWeather,
MythGallery, MythNews, MythBrowser, etc.).

Files can be stored on any network-accessible filesystem.  Database can be
on any network-accessible host.  In other words, the filesystem and database
are not "a part" of Myth.  The same holds true for Apache--if using MythWeb,
it can be hosted on any web server with network access to the database and
the backend.

All of these can be on the same physical machine or can be spread out across
as many different machines as you have to spare...  In other words, there's
no requirement for a particular configuration (which is why it's not really
documented--too many variations possible).

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