[mythtv] Database problems with Rev 7259

Anduin Withers awithers at anduin.com
Fri Sep 16 01:45:56 UTC 2005

> But every time either the frontend or backend starts they report:
> 2005-09-15 18:15:27.565 Setting Lock for Database Schema upgrade. If
> you see a long pause here it means the Schema is already locked and is
> being upgraded by another Myth process.
> 2005-09-15 18:15:27.638 New DB connection, total: 2
> 2005-09-15 18:15:37.659 Database Schema upgrade complete, unlocking.
> That's every time.
> Is there some DB update code missing?

Try running with -v all, your settings table has a DBSchemaVer that dbcheck
checks and determines if updates are needed. It looks like yours doesn't
match (though normally I'd expect to see errors about it not being able to
perform update X).

Anduin Withers

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