[mythtv] Direct FB SVN 7196

Gerd v. Egidy lists at egidy.de
Mon Sep 12 09:18:32 UTC 2005

> Ok, 7153 compiles cleanly and displays the first menu ok, with the
> fusion drivers loaded I can watch live TV and play recorded shows,
> however once myth starts watching tv/recorded it seems that keyboard
> input is ignored as I can't exit or pull up the EPG or menu.

you are using the directfb tv output, right?

got the same problem with 0.18.1 here just yesterday:

the code to receive input from directfb and pass it on to myth is commented 
out in libs/libmythtv/videoout_directfb.cpp

For 0.18.1 that is around line 574:

void VideoOutputDirectfb::Show(FrameScanType t)
    DFBCHECK(data->videoSurface->Flip(data->videoSurface, NULL, DSFLIP_ONSYNC));
    DFBInputEvent event;
    if (data->inputbuf->GetEvent( data->inputbuf, DFB_EVENT(&event) ) == DFB_OK)
        if (event.type == DIET_KEYPRESS) {
            QApplication::postEvent(widget, new QKeyEvent(QEvent::KeyPress, QT_KEYS[(event.key_id)-DFB_KBID_OFFSET][0], QT_KEYS[(event.key_id)-DFB_KBID_OFFSET][1], 0));
        else if (event.type == DIET_KEYRELEASE)
            QApplication::postEvent(widget, new QKeyEvent(QEvent::KeyRelease, QT_KEYS[(event.key_id)-DFB_KBID_OFFSET][0], QT_KEYS[(event.key_id)-DFB_KBID_OFFSET][1], 0));

just remove the /* */ and it should work (at least it solved my problems with 
keyboard in).

Anyone got a clue why this got commented out?

Kind regards,


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