[mythtv] [PATCH] Remove use of deprecated DVB events.

Mark Weaver mark-clist at npsl.co.uk
Thu Sep 1 20:46:03 UTC 2005

Kenneth Aafl°y wrote:
> torsdag 01 september 2005, 19:38, skrev Mark Weaver:
>>1. Some cards report the actual locked on frequency in the status rather
>>than the requested frequency.  We don't test the frequency, just the
>>lock status, so this should be OK.
> AFAIK both events and FE_GET_FRONTEND should return the real parameters
> of the frontend.

This is what I was referring to:

r7161 | danielk | 2005-08-28 23:57:25 +0100 (Sun, 28 Aug 2005) | 11 lines

Fixes channel changing problem for Torbjorn Jansson.

The problem was that his driver returns the actual center
frequency the hardware locked onto instead of the one we
tuned to. This is a neat feature, but we were only checking
for an exact match in frequency for when to not wait for a
DVB tuning event. With this commit any frequency within a
range -500kHz to +500kHz is considered equal as far as DVB
tuning events are concerned.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'real parameters', but apparently 
sometimes the reported frequency is not the one you asked for.

> Hmm, untill MythTV is actually able to recover from a failed tune,
> does it really matter where we wait for a lock?
No, not really!

> What if the frontend locks to the wrong transponder because of zigzag scan?
> Can the signal monitor recover or detect this?
I haven't got a clue.

>>2. We are relying on FE_GET_EVENT returning something.  This is easily
>>worked around if it is broken for some reason
> I doubt the simple event handling would ever be broken, and it
> won't be removed either as the v3 api must be backward compatible.
That seems fair enough.

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