[mythtv] [PATCH] Remove use of deprecated DVB events.

Kenneth Aafl°y lists at kenneth.aafloy.net
Thu Sep 1 17:59:26 UTC 2005

torsdag 01 september 2005, 19:38, skrev Mark Weaver:
> 1. Some cards report the actual locked on frequency in the status rather
> than the requested frequency.  We don't test the frequency, just the
> lock status, so this should be OK.

AFAIK both events and FE_GET_FRONTEND should return the real parameters
of the frontend.

> 2. The FE_READ_STATUS race in < 2.6.13 is avoided by waiting for an
> event after a tune.
> This has the following issues:
> 1. We are waiting for a signal lock after tuning, Daniel indicated that
> this is the job of the signal monitor -- that causes other problems
> though.  For me personally tuning happens so quickly that it isn't worth
> the extra complications caused by not waiting, but according to
> dvb-core/dvb_frontend.c some cards actually end up moving a satellite
> dish or similar.  So tune could really take a _long_ time to complete.
> For those of use with things that don't move like aerials then this
> isn't an issue.

Hmm, untill MythTV is actually able to recover from a failed tune,
does it really matter where we wait for a lock?

What if the frontend locks to the wrong transponder because of zigzag scan?
Can the signal monitor recover or detect this?

> 2. We are relying on FE_GET_EVENT returning something.  This is easily
> worked around if it is broken for some reason

I doubt the simple event handling would ever be broken, and it
won't be removed either as the v3 api must be backward compatible.

> It would seem due to #1 that Daniel's patch is actually along the right
> lines, it's just that there are other issues that then crop up.  Hence
> I've elected not to write any more code (Kenneth's poll() loop works ok
> for me at present).


Ah, this was Daniel's patches, sorry for the mixup.


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