[mythtv] Re: [PATCH] Soft padding proof of concept

Max Barry mythtv at maxbarry.com
Sun Oct 16 03:33:44 UTC 2005

David Engel wrote:
> You're being bitten because the scheduler only tries one level of
> redo.  This is most apparent when there are tightly packed programs
> with no later showings available and happens even without soft
> padding.  You'll need to tweak priorities and/or use overrides to fix
> these cases manually.

But the whole point of the soft buffer is that it can't cause conflicts. 
If it can, it's not soft. Instead it's a "mostly soft but occasionally 
and unexpectedly hard" buffer.

The user has already indicated he wants the buffer dumped rather than 
cause conflicts, by the very act of using a soft buffer rather than a 
hard one. Asking him to use recording-level priorities and/or overrides 
to again say the buffer is low priority doesn't seem right.


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