[mythtv] Re: Proposed alternate behaviour for show delete

Tony Lill ajlill at ajlc.waterloo.on.ca
Wed Mar 9 21:30:18 UTC 2005

What happens if you rip a dvd, or copy in a pile of files into
mythvideo, you could fill the nearly non-existent disk space before
myth realizes it needs to  autoexpire, unless you want to change it to
check every few seconds. What if you want to remove a disk from an LVM

Brad Templeton <brad+mydev at templetons.com> writes:

>     b) Hard disk space, as shown by df, always shows near-full, and if
>        you are sharing your myth filesystem with other programs this would
>        create an issue.  However, I believe such filesystem sharing is
>        rare and unwise in any event.   If not, there could be
>        yet-another-configuration-option to control if delete is delete or
>        recycle.

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