[mythtv] Proposed alternate behaviour for show delete

andrew burke aburke at bitflood.org
Wed Mar 9 19:15:45 UTC 2005

> Having actual users mark shows as watched would probably be the ultimate
> goal, but something like this I think would work wonders in the mean
> time.

I'd like to third this request.

Realize that having 'users' isn't quite the same as a high-security
situation: you would just put in the names of the people in your
household.  Anyone can set a marker on a given show as far as who's
watched it.  Ie, for my apartment it would show, on the show info screen,
a list of the 'users':

Users   | Seen It
Andy         1
Jeremy       0
Matt         0
Dana         0

Ie, it would just list the users with checkboxes next to them for
indicating they've seen it.  If I wanted, I could lie and check that
Jeremy had seen it, but since we're not worried about security, we just
trust the users to do the right thing.

Likewise, this wouldn't have to affect any other part of the code.  It
would just be a convenience for the human users.  That is, if I watch a
show and I see that everyone else has seen it, I can delete it.

In the future, nice features would be to let different users 'register'
for different shows.  That is, Jeremy might not be interested in a show
that everyone else is, so he doesn't get listed on that show as an option
for 'Seen It'.

As a first pass, though, a list of the users on the show page with a
checkbox for if they've seen it or not would be a HUGE usability
improvement over other offerings out there.


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