[mythtv] mythweb updates always need to mkdir php_sessions

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Thu Jun 30 22:57:59 UTC 2005

> Granted, I haven't really looked at the code, but I was wondering  what 
> you needed to store persistent across browser sessions?  I've  only 
> noticed the search stuff hanging around, and I've never really  needed 
> its persistence (although I'm sure some people use it).

sorting and language preferences, mostly..  but also theme (if there was 
more than one anymore)

> Generally in this type of situation, I use a browser cookie that  
> contains a single number : the identity field of a table in a  
> database.  Then I store user preferences and everything in the  
> database.

You say you're a web developer...  this is what PHP does, but all 
internally.  you just interact with one variable and it handles dealing 
with the id-cookie, etc.  By default, it writes to files in /tmp -- in 
mythweb, I tell it to write to the php_sessions because /tmp 
occasionally gets wiped.

In the next week or so (depending on bad weather outside), I'll get the 
rest of the changes from one of my other programs ported in that'll 
store this in the database (which php has some easy code to add handlers 


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