[mythtv] mythweb updates always need to mkdir php_sessions

Keith C mythtv at keithandjill.com
Thu Jun 30 14:31:31 UTC 2005

>> And I'm going to
>> move sessions into the database at some time soon (working on a  
>> generic
>> library for handling this sort of thing)
>> Just haven't decided if I'm going to force people to create  
>> logins, or
>> if I'm going to come up with my own login routine, and continue to  
>> deal
>> with people who have cookie problems.

Granted, I haven't really looked at the code, but I was wondering  
what you needed to store persistent across browser sessions?  I've  
only noticed the search stuff hanging around, and I've never really  
needed its persistence (although I'm sure some people use it).

Generally in this type of situation, I use a browser cookie that  
contains a single number : the identity field of a table in a  
database.  Then I store user preferences and everything in the  
database.  For a simple applications, I ignore that one person might  
use multiple computers/browsers or that someone else might share a  
computer with them.  Most people don't have a problem with that for a  
simple app.  For enterprise stuff, I do use logins, but then I have  
the benefit of a homogenous environment and usually NTLM info to grab.

And yeah, I am an enterprise web application developer.  I really  
should get involved in MythWeb, if I can find the time.

Keith C

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