[mythtv] DVB EPG onair - EIT Debug output

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 26 10:48:05 EST 2005

Quoting Kristian Kalweit <kalweit at exorpro.de>:
> I've got updated to latest CVS and want to test the new epg onair
> feature. I enabled USING_DVB_EIT in settings.pro and the channels are
> flaged as load epg from air. There are no xmltvids filled in the channel
> table, which is imho correct. But I've get no guide data into my db.
> What's wronge?

I see 2 things at an initial glance.. Both I am aware of..

The first is a bug I have yet to submit a patch for.. Will do it in a day or

In SIParser -> ParseDVBEIT() change
     if (last_segment_number != last_table_id)
     if (last_segment_number != head->section_last)

This should get your guide filling in..

As for the
DVB#0 ERROR - Reading Section.
          (75) Value too large for defined data type
erorrs they are due to the EIT buffers being to small..  I have increased them
in my tree but have not gotten it quite right yet.  These won't affect guide
going in, but will just slow it down..  Its a 2-3 line fix to open up the EIT
section filter with a larger buffer if your really interested in playing with
it and see what sort of value works for you..

> I attach 2 logs of the backend with EIT Debug ouput. In ard.log are
> errors. The other is looking ok, but I get no data in db in both cases.

I think the top bug should take care of you.. Please let me know otherwise..

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