[mythtv] [PATCH] MythPhone - prevent sending garbage video when webcam grabs smaller video than we want to send

Malte Böhme malte.boehme at rwth-aachen.de
Wed Jan 26 10:13:06 EST 2005

i have encountered a problem with mythphone when using a quickcam messenger 
and grabbing video in cif and sending it in cif.
the problem is, that the qc cant do cif-modes. i.e. instead of 176x144 it 
opens in 162x124.
this leads to problems when trying to send in cif.
the attached patch does check if the actual width/height of the webcam are 
smaller than the res in we want to send. if it is it crops the image instead 
of scaling it.
i dont know if this also happens when there is zoom enabled.
also the transmitted image has now a green line at the bottom. doesnt look 
good, but at least you can see something now.
perhaps the image should be padded with black pixels, dont know.

p.s. @ Paul
you can expect me to send some more patches. i am currently working on 
konference again and would like to add a more flexible way of handling audio 
input/output. have you ever looked at kphone source? they have a more 
flexible way of handling audio (alsa, oss, jack). i would like to implement 
something similar in konference/mythphone. let me know if you already worked 
on something similar.

Malte Böhme aka maldn
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