[mythtv] Re: Status of DVB-C support?

Jesper Sörensen jesper at datapartner.se
Mon Jan 24 08:20:11 EST 2005

Torbjörn Jansson skrev:

>>What I'm looking for is a way to record stuff from one DVB
>>channel while
>>watching another DVB channel at the same time.
>In theory this is posibel with one card as long as the channels are on the
>same mux.
>vdr can for example record one show and you can watch another channel on the
>same mux while its recording.
>This have been discussed before on this list, mythtv currently don't support
>this if i'm not mistaken.

Correct, in theory it would be possible (as long as the channels are on 
the same mux), but it's not yet supported in Myth.

Since the Comhem channels are scrambled (as are mine on Canal Digital 
sat) you also need the CAM to be able to decrypt multiple services 
simultaneously. EN50221 allows it and the groundwork for it is already 
in the CAM code in Myth but I don't know if the CAM actually can handle 
it. I've been planning to do some testing with that but haven't gotten 
around to it yet.

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