[mythtv] Stand-alone mythcommflag / transcode

Blammo blammo.doh at gmail.com
Thu Feb 24 08:33:03 UTC 2005

> This hasn't been true for a while.  That's the purpose of the
> mythjobqueue executable.  It is a simple standlone program that
> scans the JobQueue for jobs and runs them (if you ran the backend setup
> program and turned on the settings to allow that host to run jobs).

I wasn't aware of it. I'll dig in. It sounds like you'd need to get
mythjobqueue to compile under win32 as well.

Has anyone had any luck compiling any of the backend stuff under, for
example cygwin?

> I do this all the time.  I'll startup mythjobqueue on my development
> machine talking to my production database in order to test commercial
> flagging or reflag a bunch of shows real quick, etc..  You could startup
> a mythjobqueue executable on your frontends if you wanted and have them
> process commercial flagging jobs, etc..  I plan on adding a new feature
> to the queue sometime soon to allow you to set a job processing time
> window on a per-machine basis.  So if you only wanted a machine to be
> able to run jobs from say 1am (when you went to bed) till 6pm (when you
> got home from work), then you could setup the queue that way.  So all
> jobs would queue up and wait if there were no hosts available to run them,
> then when 1am rolled around, the backlogged jobs would start firing off
> normally.

This sounds VERY cool.  Those of us playing with HDTV have fairly
beefy frontends, but you don't want commflagging to run on those
during the day. A time range to run jobs would be REALLY slick.

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