[mythtv] Audio stutter on black screens

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Wed Dec 14 18:31:09 EST 2005

On Wednesday 14 Dec 2005 23:15, Ed W wrote:
>  also happens to me using an absolutely ancient CVS version from
> before we moved to SVN.  It only started to happen "recently" though, ie
> a few months back or less.  It's also more common on some channels than
> on others, in particular "Lost" causes it whenever there is a major
> scene change

I wonder if we don't have two problems here? My issue only started with very 
recent SVN and affects almost all recordings. Those which use complete fade 
to black scene changes are most affected, but I just had the problem with a 
film during dark (but not black) scenes. An example would be the Sopranos at 
the end of the opening sequence - it fades to black, stutters and then 
recovers as the opening scene appears.

Nothing on this system has changed except the version of Myth installed and 
I've never seen the problem before.
Stuart Morgan

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