[mythtv] Audio stutter on black screens

Graeme Hilton graeme.hilton at fishter.org.uk
Wed Dec 14 18:24:46 EST 2005

Ed W wrote:
> Adam Greenbaum wrote:
>> I'm using an svn checkout from a few months back and get the same black
>> screen stuttering problem. I get it when playing back recordings. People
>> pointed me towards the mpeg decoder last time I asked, but I couldn't
>> get to the bottom of what was causing it.
> It also happens to me using an absolutely ancient CVS version from
> before we moved to SVN.  It only started to happen "recently" though, ie
> a few months back or less.  It's also more common on some channels than
> on others, in particular "Lost" causes it whenever there is a major
> scene change
> My suspicioun is that there is something iffy going on with the way they
> cut the scenes, perhaps changing timestamps?  Haven't had any time to
> even do basic debugging on it though

I had similar on older SVN versions, but the problem was not evident on
the 7738 version that I used for some weeks.  I've not noticed it
recently, so I assume it's been fixed, or the problem simply removed.

Graeme Hilton
(currently compiling 8268)

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