[mythtv] OS X: couldn't find theme

Bruce C. Dillahunty bdillahu at peachbush.com
Wed Aug 10 20:47:01 UTC 2005

Geoffrey Kruse wrote:

> Also, I have started doing  weekly builds that I will post online.  
> The first one can be found  here: 
> http://willamette.edu/~gkruse/MythFrontend-SVN-7004-With- Plugins.dmg

Thanks so much for these builds... saves me much fighting!

I was playing with this last night and ran into something odd... 
wondered if anybody else had seen it on a Mac.

I went into the Weather plugin for the first time and the location, etc. 
had not been set. It correctly showed the setup screen and I set my 
information. I have always had to set a longer than normal timeout value 
on my network for this to work, but I forgot to set it and saved the 

It went on and tried, and didn't get it in the timeout value... no big 
deal, I'll just go to Setup/Weather and increase the value. If I go 
there, I get the setup screen but no keypresses seem to work at all... I 
can't move around the screen. BUT if I hit ESCAPE (ok, one keypress 
works), it exits the setup and all continues fine.

Anybody seen an issue with MythWeather setup on a Mac?

Thanks again,

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