[mythtv] Comm flagging not working CVS 18.20050409-1

Tomi Orava tomimo+mythtv-dev at ncircle.nullnet.fi
Tue Apr 26 12:59:28 UTC 2005

>> 'mythbackend -v commflag' doesn't seem to give more verbose
>> information regarding the realtime flagging. As you can see from the
>> log below, the output is the same as without the commflag option.
> Something doesn't look right.  When I startup "mythbackend -v commflag"
> and a ~realtime flagging job fires off, I see the same debug output
> that you show below from your manual flag.  I have had ~realtime
> flagging turned on since the day I added the ~realtime ability and
> I normally run with -v commflag just in case I find a bug.  A couple
> things you can try are:

Do happen to use XvMC-support yourself ?
I just traced my system and found out that if I run the mythcommflag
with the same parameters as the above code does, I get screen full
of "GetNextFreeFrame() is getting a busy frame P." errors.

Somehow I think that the patch removing locking from videobuffers.cpp
might have something to do with this problem (haven't had time to
debug deep enough).

Tomi Orava

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