[mythtv] Comm flagging not working CVS 18.20050409-1

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Tue Apr 26 02:21:28 UTC 2005

> 'mythbackend -v commflag' doesn't seem to give more verbose
> information regarding the realtime flagging. As you can see from the
> log below, the output is the same as without the commflag option.

Something doesn't look right.  When I startup "mythbackend -v commflag"
and a ~realtime flagging job fires off, I see the same debug output
that you show below from your manual flag.  I have had ~realtime
flagging turned on since the day I added the ~realtime ability and
I normally run with -v commflag just in case I find a bug.  A couple
things you can try are:

1) Edit libs/libmythtv/jobqueue.cpp and search for "mythcommflag".  Try
	changing this:

	QString("mythcommflag -j -V %1 --chanid %2 --starttime %3 --force")

	to this:

	QString("mythcommflag -j -v commflag --chanid %2 --starttime %3 --force")

	That will force mythcommflag to be executed with the -v commflag
	option.  Normally the "-V %1" sets mythcommflag's verbose value to
	the same as mythbackend.

2) After the declaration of QString cmd for the above line, you can
	print out the command executed with a simple:

	VERBOSE(VB_JOBQUEUE, QString("JobQueue running app: '%1').arg(cmd));

	Hope the syntax on that is right, I didn't compile test it. :)
	Then you'd need to run "mythbackend -v jobqueue,commflag" in order
	for the JobQueue message to be displayed.  I'm probably going to
	add something like this to CVS for the various jobs so the user
	can see the exact command that is being run.  It can be especially
	handy with User Jobs to verify the %CHANID% type substitutions
	work correctly.

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