[mythtv] Frontend Segfault

Flo Kohlert flokohlert at muenchen-mail.de
Fri Nov 26 22:37:23 UTC 2004

with latest cvs of today as on earlier versions i get segfaults when i:

watch a recording
esc back to menu
select another recording
click to watch

Backtrace (hop I did this right as I expected more output)

Thread 14 (Thread 196621 (LWP23160))
#0 0x419af226 in _nv000833gl from /usr/libGLcore.so.1 ()
No symbol table info available
#1 0x0824f268 in ?? ()
No symbol table info available
Cannot access memory at address 0x5a78

How could I get the output from " thread apply all bt full" to a file?



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