[mythtv] [Fwd: [ivtv-devel] [PATCH]: embedded VBI format update for 0.2.0rc1g]

Joaquín Lago Pérez jlago at ipsistemas.com
Thu Nov 11 17:20:00 UTC 2004

I have just read this issue sent by Hans.
First of all, sorry if this is not the correct place, but I feel very 
lost with this.
I am very interested in getting subtitles in mythtv. I use the ivtv 
driver -last development version available -, with an PVR-250 card, 
configured for PAL. Here I can see video captured, played and audio, but 
not subtitles.
I can get data from /dev/vbi0, but not cc is displayed.
 From ivtv - more precise, from saa7115 - i get an error about NTSC 
closed caption not availble with PAL (I don´t have the error text here, 
it is something like that). I do not know who to force it PAL, if possible.
Does mythtv currently support showing closed caption via ivtv driver? 
(all i have read are old posts, and very confused about this).
Thank you very much and, again, sorry if this is an odd message here.

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