[mythtv] MyThTV with ARTS, please help

Ed Wildgoose lists at wildgooses.com
Thu Nov 11 23:53:51 UTC 2004

Mark Spieth wrote:

>I just got the most recent cvs and since I normally have arts enabled but
>unused, I compiled this way.
>there are compile issues ep in OpenDevice as the base now returns bool so
>the cpp doesnt match the header def. I double checked things with cvs diff
>so I think Im correct.
>there are numerous other compile errors too. So in the mean time Ive
>disabled it as my current patch would make a patch confusing as it
>involves audiooutputbase.h as wel as the arts files.
>Ill try to generate one on the weekend.

Hmm, curious.  I haven't double checked CVS, but I think I am compiling 
the arts driver up here without any problems...  I will double check 
those items.  Perhaps I missed something off the patch

Ed W

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