[mythtv] Re: [mythtv-commits] mythtv commits

Ben de Luca bend at bedel.mine.nu
Mon Nov 8 21:31:02 UTC 2004

I am sure that I tried it at the time though too :). its only affected 
me so thats all it probably is.

On 09/11/2004, at 6:15 AM, Bruce Markey wrote:

> Ben de Luca wrote:
>> I rebuilt the system from scratch, make uninstall etc. and it works 
>> again?
>> who knows
> I was going to suggest that but it may have sounded to dismissive.
> This change should not have caused such a problem and it was more
> likely that make didn't recompile/relink something that it should
> have. However, if it was another version of mysql choking on the
> SQL or QT version issue or scheduler getting hung by your data,
> I'd want to track it down. Sorry I didn't suggest a distclean make
> first.
> --  bjm
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