[mythtv] [patch] cle266 intra|inter_matrix fix

Jelle Kalf jelle at kalf.org
Fri Mar 26 13:46:39 EST 2004


I've tried the CVS mythtv as well right now and I must admit the output is HORRIBLE. My entire screen is filled with noticeable vertical lines and sometimes it's a bit blocky as well (as in small rectangles in the imagery).

p.s. I'm using Ivor's opensource libddmpeg.


On Sun, 21 Mar 2004 21:52:30 +0100
Kenneth Aafl°y <ke-aa at frisurf.no> wrote:

> Hi!
> Here's a patch that fixes the improper handling of the *matrix tables in viaslice hw decoding.
> This patch should improve display quality for viaslice hw decoding a lot!
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