[mythtv] Reactivating recordings

Oscar Carlsson oscar.carlsson at home.se
Mon Mar 15 07:28:01 EST 2004

>> > In the current interface, the override page for "S" has only a
>> > stopped message and an OK button. Maybe you could add a button
>> > to do the magic of re-enabling the recording.
>> That sounds good.  Unless something better is suggested, this is what
>> I'll probably do.

DE> This is in CVS now.  It's been lightly tested but I wouldn't be
DE> surprised if it causes some unexpected side effects if used.  Let me
DE> know if you see any.

DE> Also, determining which options should be made available on the
DE> overrides screen is getting a little confusing.  I added the new
DE> option as best I could see.  Any feedback is most welcome.

Briefly checked this out, and here are my results..

I  took  a  daily  recording  and disabled it (Fix scheduling conflicts -> Don't
record it).

Problem now is that it dissapears from the conflict resolution screen.

If  i  go to the Program Guide I can re-enable it there with "Record it anyway" AND "Clear
override"... What's the difference? Also a little note there.. In the EPG during
LiveTV,  I  don't  think  you'll  be  able to access this screen if you have the
option to switch channels with Select turned on. A solution for that would be to
not  switch  channel  on  Select _if_ there's a scheduled recording.. But that's
nothing major (and it might be that way already, didn't double-check it)..

So I did Clear Override and it's back as it should.

Same  thing  again, I disable it but this time I'll try to do "Record it anyway"
thru the Program Guide. Seems to have the exact same behaviour, it's now back in
business.  However,  in  the  conflict resolution screen, where it's now back, I
still  have a "Clear override" option?? I also see that behaviour if i re-enable
it  from  MythWeb.  This  didn't  happen  in  the  first case where I did "Clear
override" from the Program finder.

Is that helpful?

Best regards,
 Oscar                            mailto:oscar.carlsson at home.se

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