[mythtv] in progress recordings and new scheduler

Per Hatlevik per at perhat.com
Sun Mar 14 19:30:06 EST 2004

i upgraded to latest cvs last night and everything is going quite well.  i
like the new scheduler a lot and it's solved some scheduling issues i was

however, today mythbackend was restarted while it was recording (ivtv
errors) and when i started up again it didn't restart the recordings in
progress.  is this a scheduler issue or something else?  the last cvs i
was running would restart recordings that were still going after a restart
of mythbackend.

it'd be nice to have this functionality back.

also, mythweb also used to be able to start recording a program even after
it had started and i'm not able to do this anymore either.  i assume this
is for the same reason, the scheduler doesn't allow it anymore, is that

sorry if these are known issues, i checked the archives and didn't see
anyone mention either of these things.

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