[mythtv] in progress recordings and new scheduler

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sun Mar 14 21:35:16 EST 2004

Per Hatlevik wrote:
> i upgraded to latest cvs last night and everything is going quite well.  i
> like the new scheduler a lot and it's solved some scheduling issues i was
> seeing.
> however, today mythbackend was restarted while it was recording (ivtv
> errors) and when i started up again it didn't restart the recordings in
> progress.  is this a scheduler issue or something else?  the last cvs i
> was running would restart recordings that were still going after a restart
> of mythbackend.
> it'd be nice to have this functionality back.

Do you have a standalone backend or are there one or more
slaves? What has always happened (old or new scheduler) is
that when the master restarts, it starts up all of the current
recordings. However, if a slave restarts, the master does
nothing to check to see if the slave should be recording.
Therefore, to restart a slaves recording you must stop the
master, start the slave (so it can connect before the scheduler
runs) then start the master.

It's worked this way ever since there has been support for
multiple backends and, in fact, I had to do this today due to
a problem external to myth.

On a related note, if a slave is recording and the master stops
and starts, the master tries to tell the slave to record but it
has been merrily recording all along and reports the tuner is busy.
The master marks the state as "B". It might be slick if the slaves
could report not only that they're busy but what SCI/channel they
are recording so that the master can verify that it is recording
what it's supposed to.

--  bjm

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