[mythtv] Next Scheduler Patch

Tako Schotanus quintesse at palacio-cristal.com
Wed Mar 3 14:14:30 EST 2004

But why would you ever want to reconstruct a program that consists of 
only fragments? That way you'll never be able to get a complete program 
anyway. Still, if you really wanted to you could just go to edit mode 
and do it yourself.

I'm not saying your example is wrong per se, maybe I just can't think of 
a situation where this might be useful.

What I do think this exta info could be useful for is to show you what 
it is you are watching if you rewind, that way you could still hit INFO 
and get the right information. And of course if that info is there 
anyway you could still implement the stuff you were suggestion so I 
guess I agree anyway :-)


Keith Bonawitz wrote:

>Also, assumably the program that was being watched yesterday would have
>ended by now, so when you switch to channel A you would still get a new
>I interpreted the suggestion as creating a new buffer for every unique
>program/channel combination that the user views, and always directing the
>video to the appropriate buffer.  Buffers would get expired in chronological
>Unfortunately, I think the buffer expiry would get be complicated &
>challenging.  For example, imagine that you are flipping back and forth
>between two 4-hour programs, but your buffer area can only hold 2 hours
>worth of material.  Chronological expiry wouldn't want to kill a whole
>buffer... ideally, you'd want to eat a little bit off of program A, then a
>little off of program B, then a little more off of A -- could get confusing.
>Perhaps a better way to implement the same logical scheme would be to
>maintain the ring-buffer similarly to today, but tag it with program/channel
>information, so that the program/channel buffers could be virtually
>reconstructed.  If you provided tools to easily extract and concatenate all
>the segments relating to a single program, Then when the liveTV watcher hits
>record, the virtual buffer gets extracted to the recordings area and used a
>the seed for the new recording.  For pure liveTV watching, you could
>virtualize rewind/ff/playback functions as well, so that you could choose to
>rewind/ff/play through a single channel or through all channels.
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>TS> Dunno, that seems very counter-intuitive to me.
>TS> Let's say yesterday you're partner/kids/whoever was watching some 
>TS> program on channel A and today you're watching something on channel 
>TS> B and after 10 minutes you switch to channel A. You rewind a bit and 
>TS> are suddenly looking at yesterday's programming? Seems mighty weird 
>TS> to me and not something that most users would expect.
>It  would  of  course  delete the buffer the same way it does now, when you
>exit LiveTV.
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