[mythtv] Next Scheduler Patch

Keith Bonawitz bonawitz at MIT.EDU
Wed Mar 3 09:40:44 EST 2004

Also, assumably the program that was being watched yesterday would have
ended by now, so when you switch to channel A you would still get a new

I interpreted the suggestion as creating a new buffer for every unique
program/channel combination that the user views, and always directing the
video to the appropriate buffer.  Buffers would get expired in chronological

Unfortunately, I think the buffer expiry would get be complicated &
challenging.  For example, imagine that you are flipping back and forth
between two 4-hour programs, but your buffer area can only hold 2 hours
worth of material.  Chronological expiry wouldn't want to kill a whole
buffer... ideally, you'd want to eat a little bit off of program A, then a
little off of program B, then a little more off of A -- could get confusing.
Perhaps a better way to implement the same logical scheme would be to
maintain the ring-buffer similarly to today, but tag it with program/channel
information, so that the program/channel buffers could be virtually
reconstructed.  If you provided tools to easily extract and concatenate all
the segments relating to a single program, Then when the liveTV watcher hits
record, the virtual buffer gets extracted to the recordings area and used a
the seed for the new recording.  For pure liveTV watching, you could
virtualize rewind/ff/playback functions as well, so that you could choose to
rewind/ff/play through a single channel or through all channels.


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TS> Dunno, that seems very counter-intuitive to me.
TS> Let's say yesterday you're partner/kids/whoever was watching some 
TS> program on channel A and today you're watching something on channel 
TS> B and after 10 minutes you switch to channel A. You rewind a bit and 
TS> are suddenly looking at yesterday's programming? Seems mighty weird 
TS> to me and not something that most users would expect.

It  would  of  course  delete the buffer the same way it does now, when you
exit LiveTV.

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