[mythtv] Backend startup and G400

Troy.Michaud at ctfs.com Troy.Michaud at ctfs.com
Mon Mar 1 09:54:41 EST 2004


I've tried this in the user list to no avail, So I thought I would try

I have everything working perfectly except tv out, or I should say TVout is
working properly when mythbackend is not running....
I do the usual things, module loads, matroxset commands, iv4l1 script.
Everything is loaded and ready, my xsession is on the tv (and monitor)
When I load mythbackend --  my monitor looses signal, and live tv displays
on the tv. --mythfronend not running, mythtv not running etc..

What does Mythbackend do when loading up?

As above
Marvel G400TV
AMD 2.0

I am using frame buffer /dev/fb0  and myth capture is on /dev/video0 (where
is detects my card and inputs)

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