[mythtv] PATCH - Category, genre and country in mythvideo

Xavier Hervy maxpower44 at tiscali.fr
Tue Mar 2 14:33:09 EST 2004

thor wrote:

> On Tuesday 02 March 2004 08:30, Xavier Hervy wrote:
>>Xavier Hervy wrote:
>>>Xavier Hervy wrote:
>>>>Xavier Hervy wrote:
>>>>>Xavier Hervy wrote:
>>It's correct now
> 	Just applied this to CVS. Thanks. 

> 	BTW, not sure if this is intended behaviour, but there is no FILTER 
> action in videotree (browser mode). 
videotree is browser mode and videobrowser is .... ;-)
not very clear :-)
> - thor

I search a good way to implement this in videotree.
I don't know if i should create a new node at the root like this.
I choose Filter (virtual directory in tree)
Then I can Show
	By Genre, By country ... (all virtual directory)
	+ all video (without directory, all video are shown)
Then i can choose By genre and i show
I select Drama
then I show
By genre, By country ...
+ all video that are Drama.

I have made that when I was still under windows, and it's useful because 
I can say "he,  I want to show an action movie" then I choose action 
genre. then all action movie are displayed but if they are too much 
movie i can still reduce my search and select the year 2003 etc..
All that with only 4 key (arrow) and without open a dialog
The problem is that the tree is load at the begining (then static) and 
for that i need a dynamic tree.

The second way could be the same as videobrowser but I'm afraid that 
users say "I put a video in my video directory but it don't appeared in 
  the videotree" just because he have filtering to keep only drama (If 
he put this by default in videofilter).

Any comment about that ?



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