[mythtv] MythMusic "Please Wait" delay

Ed Benckert ed at ebonmists.com
Mon Mar 1 11:36:17 EST 2004

I posted this on mythtv-users and thought it might actually be better off 
here, so here goes:

When you start the play screen, and it says Please Wait... what the heck is 
it doing? I tried looking at the code and being a MythTv newbie, I'm not 
quite sure what it's doing... it looks like it's organizing playlists but 
from what I've seen of the code and the MySQL so far, that shouldnt take any 
time at all.

Can someone who knows about this module enlighten me? I have 6 gigs of MP3's 
on a network drive that it has as a library, and whenever I enter the play 
music screen, or go back to it from editing a playlist, it takes a long time 
to return control to me, or start playing, etc. I can understand if it's 
processing lots of data, but I cant figure out what it might be doing (so 
that I can optimize it to do it better and faster). I see what appears to be 
a 100 second timeout timer in playbackbox.cpp, and was gonna try dropping 
that down to see if that helps, but I'd like to know what's actually causing 
the delay... if I know the cause I can see what I can do to speed it up.


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