[mythtv] Next Scheduler Patch

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Mon Mar 1 02:31:55 EST 2004

Carl wrote:
> On Tuesday February 24 2004 18:10, David Engel wrote:
>>The scheduler considers channels with the same callsign to be the same
>>channel.  For example, if a program is originally scheduled on chanid
>>1003 but chanids 1003, 2003 and 2123 all have the same callsign of
>>KVBC, the scheduler will try to use the best time/card slot from any
>>of the 3 channels.  If a channel does not have a callsign, the
>>scheduler will consider it unique.
> This is causing problems for me. I have one card (pvr350) with two inputs, 
> DirecTV and local cable. The local cable is just basic, and only useful for 
> certain local channels and as a backup.

So you only want to use the local cable for stations that aren't
available on DirecTV but always use the DirecTV stations if
available? Is that correct? If so, run myth's "setup" program
and answer "no" to the two questions. Go to "Input Connections"
and choose the DirecTV input. Change the "Input preference" from
"0" to "1". Myth will then alway choose the DirecTV KLOC channel
over KLOC on cable.

For one card with two inputs this is all very simple. Just choose
the input you prefer and you're done. Where gets more interesting
is if you had one DirecTV box but multiple cards with cable. You
could prefer DirecTV but if it was busy recording something else
the show could fail-over to the same station on one of the other

Now, if there are some local channels that you'd rather take from
cable and others from DirectTV, you can handle that too by setting
channel priorities for those chanids (but I assume that this isn't
the case =).

> I will set the priority, but 
> it sounds like that will only help if there are no conflicts.

Well, if you only have one card and both inputs are on the
same card you can only record one show at a time right? I guess
in a way you can think of this as resolving a conflict between
the same show from the same station. For example, If "The Gong
Show" has a priority of 2 and is on KLOC. If you added an Input
preference for the DirecTV input, The Gong Show on cable has a
priority of "2" but on the DirecTV chanid it's "3" so that wins.

--  bjm

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