[mythtv] Next Scheduler Patch

Carl mythtv at carldunham.com
Mon Mar 1 00:50:43 EST 2004

On Tuesday February 24 2004 18:10, David Engel wrote:
> The scheduler considers channels with the same callsign to be the same
> channel.  For example, if a program is originally scheduled on chanid
> 1003 but chanids 1003, 2003 and 2123 all have the same callsign of
> KVBC, the scheduler will try to use the best time/card slot from any
> of the 3 channels.  If a channel does not have a callsign, the
> scheduler will consider it unique.

This is causing problems for me. I have one card (pvr350) with two inputs, 
DirecTV and local cable. The local cable is just basic, and only useful for 
certain local channels and as a backup. I haven't gone through the agonizing 
process of disabling all the cable channels I don't have, so now the 
scheduler thinks its OK to record stuff from it. I will set the priority, but 
it sounds like that will only help if there are no conflicts.

I was pretty OK with having to specify the input I wanted to record from. 
Perhaps the option to choose among any available input should be a 
per-program option...


Howard Dean for America

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