[mythtv] Anyone feel like fixing mythgame?

Allen Rohner ninjarohner at gmail.com
Mon Jul 26 13:08:22 EDT 2004

>         Just FYI, in the interim, I hacked my copy of mythgame to use
> -listxml piped into xml2info (provided with mame .84).  According to the
> changelog, this produces the exact same output as -listinfo used to.  The
> exact change I made was in mamehandler.cpp on line 173 which now reads:
> makecmd_line("-listxml 2>/dev/null | xml2info", &infocmd, romPath);
>         With this, mythgame works just fine with mame .84.  (Not that full
> parsing of the XML output wouldn't be good, but at least until it's
> ready)
>         Chris

Yeah, I saw that, but I wasn't sure if it was a good long term
solution. Have you read anything about xml2info being kept around
permanently, or was it just put in to give us time to handle the XML

You could submit that for now, and I'll keep working on the XML
handling. It's going slowly because I have no linux C++ programming
experience. I'm learning QT and gcc at the same time.


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