[mythtv] Anyone feel like fixing mythgame?

Chris Tracy mythtv at adiemus.org
Mon Jul 26 17:16:51 EDT 2004

> Yeah, I saw that, but I wasn't sure if it was a good long term
> solution. Have you read anything about xml2info being kept around
> permanently, or was it just put in to give us time to handle the XML
> input?

        Well, being rather new to MAME, I can't really say.  From what 
I've found, it looks like all the other MAME frontends have released 
updates/patches to pipe -listxml through xml2info for now.  My guess is 
that it'll be there for a while, but that the move to XML was done with 
the end goal of making it easier for frontends to parse the list.  So 
native XML parsing is the "most correct" solution, but xml2info gives us a 
way to quickly fix the problem in the interim.

> You could submit that for now,

        I'm not a myth developer, but if someone else wants to submit it, 
the patch is attached.

> and I'll keep working on the XML handling. It's going slowly because I
> have no linux C++ programming experience. I'm learning QT and gcc at the
> same time.

        Best of luck.


BTW: This patch based entirely on the gxmame patch to do the same thing,
which can be found here:

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Index: mythgame/mamehandler.cpp
RCS file: /var/lib/mythcvs/mythgame/mythgame/mamehandler.cpp,v
retrieving revision 1.31
diff -u -r1.31 mamehandler.cpp
--- mythgame/mamehandler.cpp	25 Jun 2004 23:04:15 -0000	1.31
+++ mythgame/mamehandler.cpp	26 Jul 2004 21:15:52 -0000
@@ -170,7 +170,7 @@
                 /* Generate the list */
                 VERBOSE(VB_ALL, QString("This version of xmame supports %1 games... "
                                         "Getting the list.").arg(supported_games));
-                makecmd_line("-listinfo 2>/dev/null", &infocmd, romPath);
+                makecmd_line("-listxml 2>/dev/null | xml2info 2>/dev/null", &infocmd, romPath);
                 xmame_info = popen(infocmd, "r");
                 VERBOSE(VB_ALL, "Verifying the installed games.");

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