Re:[mythtv] [ANOUNCE] MythBuild - Build Scripts bruno_r at
Mon Jul 19 04:15:24 EDT 2004


>I'm back after a long time dealing with other stuff. I
>have a package/module I'd like to contribute, and
>like some comments on it.

>proposed name: mythbuild
>size: Very small 10K tar.bz2 file.
>could also be placed inside of a contrib directory

>purpose (1): sort-a-like "linux-from-scratch" but for
>MythTV. It is a bunch of make scripts that automate
>building MYTHTV and various prerequiste packages from

>purpose (2): adjunct to section 5.5 of the 'installing
>and using MythTV documentation" but covers more of the

>It currently builds:  
>   alsa, ivtv, lirc, lame, xmltv, freetype,
>   mythtv, mythbrowser, mythmusic, mythgallery
>   mythgame, mythnews, mythvideo, mythweather

>NOT: mythdvd (pre-requisite issues)
>NOT: mythweb (not really a 'buildable' thing)

>I could post it to the list - I'd rather not. If
>anybody is interested in looking at it - email me
>privately, I'll email it back to you. (SIZE: 10K


This sound good,

How does it works, does it compile from locales sources or
does it use wget issues to obtain sources form cvs or other?

Obtain source from web could be good to make a regular
update of a mythstation.

If you could send me your script, i'd like to test it, thx.


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