[mythtv] Bug in watch recording

Richard Naninck richard.naninck at home.nl
Sun Jul 18 18:51:20 EDT 2004


I didn't have the time to come up with any loglines. Maybe this bug can be
reproduced by any of you so I don't have to come up with a trace after all.
I use cvs from a week ago. Here it is:

Watch a recording and jump or fast forward towards the end. Normally the
show stops and jumps back to the menu. I didn't want this to happen because
I wanted to see the last minute, so I went ahead and tried to step back 15
seconds a couple of times. The picture froze and I had to kill mythfrontend
and restart it to get it running again. I can reproduce this behaviour
anytime. So jump to the end of a recording and when you are there,
immediately try to step back (and forth) a few. I guess anybody should be
able to try this out.

Don't look forward to my patch......... I will come up with a trace if that
is needed to fix this. Please ask.

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