[mythtv] Scheduler problem in CVS advanced options

Mark mrote at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 9 00:32:31 EDT 2004

I'l l try to explain this the best I can. Running latest CVS, when I 
select a program and go the scheduler properties, then select "Record 
only this showing", everything works fine. But when I select any other 
option the actual results are off by two lines! ie. selecting "Record 
one showing of the program" actually ends up with "Record in this 
timeslot every day". Selecting "Record in this timeslot every week" 
results in "Record at any time on this channel" . To actually get 
"Record one showing" I have to select "Record at any time on any 
channel" Any ideas about what might be wrong. I get the same thing using 
either Blue theme or G.A.N.T
It does work correctly from Mythweb. Not sure if this would make any 
difference but I noticed that the Recording options are ordered 
differently between Mythweb and the MythTV scheduler

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