[mythtv] Scheduler problem in CVS advanced options

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Fri Jul 9 03:22:42 EDT 2004

Mark wrote:

> I'l l try to explain this the best I can. Running latest CVS, when I 
> select a program and go the scheduler properties, then select "Record 
> only this showing", everything works fine. But when I select any other 
> option the actual results are off by two lines! ie. selecting "Record 
> one showing of the program" actually ends up with "Record in this 
> timeslot every day". Selecting "Record in this timeslot every week" 
> results in "Record at any time on this channel" . To actually get 
> "Record one showing" I have to select "Record at any time on any 
> channel" Any ideas about what might be wrong. I get the same thing 
> using either Blue theme or G.A.N.T
> It does work correctly from Mythweb. Not sure if this would make any 
> difference but I noticed that the Recording options are ordered 
> differently between Mythweb and the MythTV scheduler

I just did a run through of every option and in each case got the 
correct result...

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