[mythtv] Re: Software AC3 decoding when watching TV

Marcus Metzler mocm at mocm.de
Thu Dec 16 07:27:34 UTC 2004

>>>>> "Taylor" == Taylor Jacob <rtjacob at earthlink.net> writes:

    >> Does it have to be replaced or can't we just record TS. That
    >> would make many things easier. What is the problem with TS?

    Taylor> I have done some thinking about this, and after some
    Taylor> thought I agree that there is no reason why just recording
    Taylor> a TS isn't the right thing to do..

    Taylor> To make the pes requiring devices work ok a ts->pes
    Taylor> transform would need to be done on the fly to the
    Taylor> ringbuffer while its being served to the device.. This
    Taylor> would also be mandatory for the pvr350 as far as I know..

    Taylor> Recording ATSC AC3 will be broken without doing it this
    Taylor> way.. Juha said he would have a MUCH easier time doing
    Taylor> subtitles as well so I am completely sold.. Sorry if I
    Taylor> shot from the hip earlier.. Do you have a quick patch that
    Taylor> I could make to transform.c (since its your code) to make
    Taylor> it dump an ATSC AC3 stream?  None of ATSC channels ive
    Taylor> watched have sound and I am pretty sure tranform just
    Taylor> isn't putting them in the ringbuffer since its looking for
    Taylor> a differnet header than PrivateStream..

It should work with ATSC, I tested it with some streams I got a while
ago. I have to see if there is a difference between the mythtv version
and the libdvb version though. I will have a look at it and get back
to you.

    Taylor> The biggest issue right now is really time.. I want to get
    Taylor> this code into myth-cvs as soon as I can and doing TS
    Taylor> recording may not fit at first.. I have more than enough
    Taylor> on my plate.. Its possible Jesper could do this, but I do
    Taylor> not set his schedule.. I know both John and I have tons of
    Taylor> work to do before this whole thing is ready..

I would like to help. I am not to much into the mechanics of mythtv
yet. So it might take a while to get started. If you have some
pointers on what I should start to get into it, please tell me.
I could change transform.c to make it fit better into mythtv and get
rid of the unneeded functions.


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