[mythtv] MythWeb Video Info Edit feature patch - need help

Bob Cottingham bob at bobnvic.com
Tue Aug 17 18:18:15 EDT 2004

Colin Guthrie said:
> You don't actually need to open up /home or /home/user to apache writes,
> just provided it can "x" the directory that is enough. You can still lock
> it down to only be allowed to write in /home/user/.mythtv/MythVideo if you
> prefer.
> (FYI, the x bit of the permisions for a directory means that someuser
> can "cd" into the directory, it doesn't give them any more than that).
> On the other hand, you can configure myth to save the movie covers in
> any folder you want (it's a setting in the MythVideo settings). I 
> personally changed this away from my homedir ages ago as I run MythVideo 
> from a couple of machines not all of which have /home mounted but all have
> /mnt/media mounted, so I changed my cover folder to
> /mnt/media/video/.movie_covers/

Thanks for the patience in explaining that to me.  I believe I understand it much better now and I'm much more comfortable with the solution.  My concern was that, while I could change my cover directory, I wanted mythweb to be able to work for everyone else as well, many of whom would have left it in the default location.  I appreciate you taking the time to help me understand.

Bob C

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